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“ The duo have a knack for bruising riffs and deadpan lyrics.  Their no-fucks spirit is infectious and invigorating.” - NME 

ARXX are a Queer Alt- Rock Gal Pal Duo.  Having been making music together since 2017, Hanni and Clara have continuously played with the expectation of what they ‘should’ be as women and as artists.


- Radio 1 Big Weekend 2021. (TBA 06.05.21)

- UK tour booked for August/ September 

- Music Video for current single DEEP to be released May 2021. 

-Diva Pride set May 2021. 

- Next single to be released June 2021. 

“Honestly everything about that I just love.  Oh my god that one is definitely getting me super fired up, just love it.” Jess Iszatt - BBC Radio 1



Total Lifetime Streams: 1.42 Million

Total Followers: 2160

Monthly Listeners: 18,454

Playlist Adds: New Music Friday UK, Walk Like A Badass, The New Alt, Pulp, New Noise, All New Rock, The Rock List, Fierce Femmes, Out Now, Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds: Rock, Melomania, Hot New Bands, Pop Rock, Alt. Pop. NME New Bangers 


Total Lifetime Streams: 19.7K

Playlist Adds: Breaking Alternative, New in Alternative

“Killer Track. You’ll Love it.”  - Tegan and Sara


BBC Radio 1

Jack Saunders Future Artists

Sophie K (Sitting in for Jack Saunders) 

Jess Iszatt ( Sitting in for Jack Saunders) 

Huw Stephens


BBC Radio 6 

Steve Lamacq

Chris Hawkins 

Tom Robinson 


BBC Introducing 

BBC Introducing South 

Live Session for BBC Introducing South 



Kennady Quille


Radio X

John Kennedy 

Live Session with Radio X 24.04.2021


Times Radio

Mariella Frostrup 

Capital Radio UAE

" A Serenading Pop song" -Steve Lamacq

"It cements them as one of the UK’s most exciting up-and-coming guitar acts." - The Forty Five 



March 2019 - UK/EU

April 2019 - Supporting Ladybird

Sep/Oct 2019 - UK/EU Tour 

Feb/March 2020 - UK/EU Tour 

Aug/Sept 2021 - UK Tour Booked 

Total Gigs: 100+


Notable Gigs:

NME Girls To The Front (2019 Headline) 

Great Escape  (2019, booked to play 2020 before cancellation) 

Bush Hall (Supporting The Hold Steady) 

Concorde 2 (Supporting Dream Wife)

Tour Support for Lady Bird (2019 Tour) 

Left Of The Dial (Rotterdam New Music Festival)

" ARXX are at the top of our every playlist right now. Their unapologetic attitude paired with a pop-edge, makes ARXX a vital addition to the queer music scene. " - Diva Magazine


Launched in 2020 during Lockdowns, ARXX US ANYTHING is a podcast created by Hanni and Clara, where they talk about all things being in a band and answer any and every audience question. 

"It is just so good" -John Kennedy



Band Members

Hanni Pidduck (Vocals, Guitar)

Clara Townsend (Drums) 



Dexter Batson (Little Wonder PR) 


Sync + Publishing

W Songs 

  • Carly Spratt

  • Anu Ogunseye-Babajide

  • Frank Wates

  • Liam Klimek

  • Ruth Wyatt

  • Rob Vicars


Ally Horn (Russells)



Nick Lawrence (Big Star Business)

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