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who are arxx?

“ The duo have a knack for bruising riffs and deadpan lyrics.  Their no-fucks spirit is infectious and invigorating.” - NME 

“Honestly everything about that I just love.  Oh my god that one is definitely getting me super fired up, just love it.” Jess Iszatt - BBC Radio 1

ARXX are a Queer Alt- Rock Gal Pal Duo.  Making music together since 2017, Hanni and Clara have continuously played with the expectation of what they ‘should’ be as women and as artists.   

Having been completely DIY until late 2020, they have self -released 2 EPs and 3 singles, booked and played over 100 shows across the UK and Europe, been named in the NME top 100 for 2020 and have over 1.8 million Spotify Streams.  


"It cements them as one of the UK’s most exciting up-and-coming guitar acts". The Forty Five 


Arxx Admat UK.jpg
Break-OUT Stage 6.jpg
PQ 2022 Tour Poster_irl_supprt.jpg



Total Lifetime Streams: 1.75 Million

Total Followers: 2463

Monthly Listeners: 10,288

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Total Lifetime Streams: 23K

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BBC Radio 1

Radio 1 introducing Track of the week 08/07/22 

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Jack Saunders Future Artists

Sophie K (Sitting in for Jack Saunders) 

Jess Iszatt ( Sitting in for Jack Saunders) 

Huw Stephens


BBC Radio 6 

Steve Lamacq

Chris Hawkins 

Tom Robinson 

BBC Introducing 

BBC Introducing South 

Live Session for BBC Introducing South 



Kennady Quille


Radio X

John Kennedy 

Live Session with Radio X 24.04.2021

Times Radio

Mariella Frostrup 

Capital Radio UAE

" A Serenading Pop song" -Steve Lamacq


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" ARXX are at the top of our every playlist right now. Their unapologetic attitude paired with a pop-edge, makes ARXX a vital addition to the queer music scene. " - Diva Magazine




March 2019 - UK/EU

April 2019 - Supporting Ladybird

Sep/Oct 2019 - UK/EU Tour 

(20 dates all booked by ARXX)

Feb/March 2020 - UK/EU Tour

(27 dates, all booked by ARXX)

Aug/Sept 2021 - UK Tour Booked 

(All dates booked by ARXX)

Oct 2021 - Supporting Black Honey on UK tour

Oct 2021 - Co-headline tour with Cherym

Nov 2021 - Supporting Pillow Queens on UK Tour

May 2022 - European tour supporting Pillow Queens 

November 2022 - UK Headline Tour


BBC Radio 1 big Weekend 2021

NME Girls To The Front (2019 Headline) 

Great Escape  (2019, booked to play 2020 before cancellation) 

Bush Hall (Supporting The Hold Steady) 

Concorde 2 (Supporting Dream Wife)

Tour support for Black Honey (2021 Tour) 

Tour Support for Lady Bird (2019 Tour) 

Left Of The Dial (Rotterdam New Music Festival)

Supporting Liz Lawrence Sept 2021

Headlined Icebreaker Festival 2022

Headlined House Of Vans 2022

Sold out Brighton Headline 2022

Sold out Portsmouth Headline 2022

3 Appearances at The Great Escape 2022

“ARXX manage to create truly uplifting and instantly catchy empowering anthems.”  Get In Her Ears 

2021 Tour

BH INSTA final.jpg
Pillow Queens Tour .jpeg





Final Artwork Couldn't Help Myself.png

Couldn't Help Myself - Released 27.07.2021

Produced: Chris Ostler + Tommy Taylor

Mastered: Katie Tavini

Of the track Hanni explains " Couldn't help Myself is a brutally candid reflection of a relationship gone wrong.  This song is for; those times when break ups are a good thing,  forgiving yourself and getting rid of toxic relationships and for unashamedly just having fun."  


Can't Stand You - Released 06.08.2021

Produced: Steven Ansell, Ben Hampson 

Mastered: Katie Tavini

We teamed up with AA Sessions to make a one day only supergroup with Lucy from Projector.
The song was written and recorded in a few hours. The rule is whatever idea comes to you in what you go with, and we somehow ended up making a 80s Charlie’s Angels - esc theme tune.


Not-Alone-Final-2500px (1).jpg

Not Alone But Not With You - Released 06.08.2021

Produced: Steven Ansell 

Mastered: Katie Tavini

Of the track Hanni explains "You know that sadness or guilt you feel when you’re surrounded by people you love but you are just missing that other person? Maybe it’s a loved one you’ve lost, maybe it’s a friend, maybe it’s a partner. This last year has been different for everyone but we’ve all had people we’ve missed." 

DEEP Artwork.png

DEEP - Released 19.03.2021

Produced: Steven Ansell 

Mastered: Katie Tavini

DEEP is about overcoming anxieties and getting what you want. It cements who ARXX are; an alt-rock band with a pop core.  This track was used on BBC1's Match of The Day Euros coverage.


To accompany DEEP, ARXX released a remix EP, with remixes from Alice Go ( Dream Wife ), ANNIE ( Lime Garden ) and BOOMVISION. 

Alice Go Remix



CALL ME CRAZY smaller copy.png

Call Me Crazy - Released 14.10.2020

Produced: Steven Ansell 

Of the track, Hanni explains: “It's a happy pop song about the trials and tribulations of living with depression. The chorus is an internal dialogue about getting stuck in your head and forgetting to enjoy life. It's a very personal insight into my experiences with mental health.”


Wrong Girl, Honey.png

Wrong Girl, Honey EP - Released 22.11.2019

Produced: Steven Ansell 

Released on Vinyl and CD

Wrong Girl, Honey EP was the second EP released by ARXX.  "Brimming with feminist spirit, big beats and crunching guitars, it’s perfect for chaotic dive bars, spilt pints and relationships turned sour – raw, gritty and beautifully open. " - NME (4/5 Star Review)

Stand out single Iron Lung recently reached 1 million streams on Spotify, making it ARXX's most succesful song to date. 


EP FRONT (1).jpg

Daughters of Daughters EP - Released 23.02.2018

Produced: Mike Lord 

Released on CD

Daughters of Daughters, the debut EP from ARXX featured a raw, garage rock feel, mixed in with nods to Hanni's  country roots.  The EP opened doors for ARXX, allowing them to play shows up and down the UK.

"They stand out amongst a sea of new bands as a constant breath of fresh air; a mighty force to be reckoned with. " - Get In Her Ears


Following on from a successful instagram series called Dear Diary where ARXX connected with their fans at the end of the day on tour, they launched a podcast in 2020 during Lockdowns.  ARXX US ANYTHING is a podcast created by Hanni and Clara, where they talk about all things being in a band and answer any and every audience question.  

ARXX_Podcast_Cover_Sept_2020 (2).png


Match Of The Day 

2021 single DEEP was used on the BBC one Match of the Day coverage of the 2021 Euros. 

arxx R1BW2021 1x1 1080 x 1080 TEMPLATE.png

BBc Radio 1 big weekend 2021

ARXX were one of 30 artists selected by BBC Introducing to play at their virtual BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend. 

They recorded a live version of Call Me Crazy with a video to go alongside. The full video can be watched here.


Collaboration T-shirt

ARXX Call Me Crazy Tshirt.jpeg

DEEP Divers club

IMG_3342 2.HEIC

To coincide with the release of recent single DEEP, ARXX did a campaign around swimming, diving and water.  They created patches and swimming certificates, reminiscent of the ones you would receive in school, inviting you to join their Deep Diver's Club.


These t- shirts coincided with the release of 2020 single "Call Me Crazy".  Artist SOAK designed the graphic for this, using the first lyric of the song.  As Call Me Crazy is all about Hanni's experience with her own mental health diagnoses, £10 from each tshirt is donated towards: Grassroots Suicide Prevention, Black Minds Matter UK and Mind Out LGBT.   So far £600 has been raised and donated. 

ARXX & Crafts


ARXX & CRAFTS is an idea that started during Lockdown, to raise money for the NAACP legal fund.  All the crafts are done by ARXX themselves, which have included lino prints, custom drumsticks and custom bookmarks.  So far it has raised over £120. 

The full ARXX Merchandise collection can be seen on ARXX's Bandcamp page. Including Coloured vinyl, Lino prints and Car Airfresheners.  


Mental Health Day

Mental Health Conversation Day.png

During the release of Call Me Crazy, ARXX wanted to open up the conversation around Mental Health.  They hosted interviews with Grassroots Suicide Prevention and All Sorts Youth Project.  

They also encouraged their fans to engage on their instagram stories, sharing their own personal experiences. 

"As our single, Call Me Crazy, is all about mental health, we wanted to create space for us all to talk about our experiences and look out for each other."

coming out staying in festival 

Organised by Hanni during the first Lockdown, Comi ng out Staying In Festival was a 2 day virtual event raising money for All-Sorts youth Project, helping to provide vital services to LGBTQ+ youth. 

The festival had over 25 different acts and contributors, raising £1420 over the weekend. 

ARxx in the bath

To coincide with the release of 2021 single DEEP, ARXX did an instagram live called          "ARXX in the Bath".  They played games such as "sink or float" and "who can make the best bubble beard" whilst also interacting with fans on the live chat.  

Music Videos




Dexter Batson (Little Wonder PR) 

Booking Agent 

Stu Vallans (Marshall)


Ally Horn (Russells)



Nick Lawrence (Big Star Business)

Band Members

Hanni Pidduck (Vocals, Guitar)

Clara Townsend (Drums) 





Sync + Publishing


Mailing List

A monthly newsletter to keep all ARXX fans up to date.

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